Leicester and Leicestershire.com is a web resource for both expats and locals alike. This site presents general, historical, artistic, literary and other unique information, facts, details and knowledge about Leicester and Leicestershire. It is also a major source of contact information for Leicester and Leicestershire expats and locals.


A Community Website For Expats and Locals


Leicester & Leicestershire.com is a web resource for both expats and locals alike. This site presents general, historical, artistic, literary and other unique information, facts, details and knowledge about Leicester and Leicestershire. It is also a major source of contact information for expats and locals. Helping Leicester and Leicestershire expats to stay in touch with their routes and to feel proud of their heritage.


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An Introduction to this Site:
This website contains the following main sections:

Bulletin Board - a message centre for expats (and locals) information and details featuring a guest book and expat log books. About the Artist - images of old Leicester and scenes of Bradgate Park by local artist David Weston; Who's Who - famous and interesting people (both historical and modern) from Leicester and the County - now with over 600 entries; Leicester Links - a list of links that make up some of the best of Leicester & Leicestershire on the Web; Nostalgia Junction - railway art by David Weston, and railway holiday  posters, railway postcards, plus railway and steam locomotive history - a nostalgic look at the age of steam; The Market Place - books and novels by Leicester & Leicestershire writers as well as information about these authors.

In addition, there are some other minor sections (see floating links above or the fixed links at the bottom of this page): These include sections for your stories or expat memories (Memory Lane); Leicester-related short stories by a local author Clive Collins (Short Stories); my own section (My Page); a section listing expats and locals by their old schools (School's Out); a section about the use of common nautical words in every-day usage (Nauti Words - not what you think); selections from a book (Put on Your Boots and Parachutes) about Leicestershire and the US 82nd Airborne Division; and a link to a separate website sponsored by this site called (TopSites Leicestershire). The newest section of this site (British Movie Reviews) is a series of reviews, for the expat, featuring some of the more obscure British movies as well as some of the newer British films. Click on Site Review for a full site tour and description.

This site was started in January of 2000 specifically as a community website for City of Leicester and County of Leicestershire expats; however, in an ongoing effort to put people in touch with one another, all ex-Leicestershire folk (those living in other areas of Great Britain) as well as those still living locally are also encouraged to visit, leave a message and hopefully enjoy the various and varied sections of the Leicester and Leicestershire.com Website.


Winter in the Park, Bradgate

Winter in the Park, Bradgate by David Weston

Artist: David Weston

Click on image for a larger, more Tolkein-like, view
(I think I can see Golem sneaking up on one of them deer)

Ha! Winter! Temperatures in Central Alberta hit -40 degrees in the middle of January this year. Now for the uninitiated, minus 40 is where the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales meet. Another way to look at -40 F is in terms of the old "degrees of frost" we used to use in the UK; well, -40 is 72 degrees of frost. Now that's winter! Thank the Lord for heated garages, engine block heaters and four-wheel drive vehicles. Fortunately we don't get a lot of this kind of weather anymore as our winters are becoming milder (well relatively, anyway). Newsflash: "Temperature in Leicestershire "plunges" to -5 degrees Celsius." Double Ha!! O.K., so enough about the weather...


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Making Contacts

Where to go and how to make them:

If you're one of the many Leicester Brits abroad, or even if you're a local Leicestershire resident just looking for expat or local contacts, please leave a message in the guest book; yuh know, it's the main reason for this website. I love to hear from Leicester and Leicestershire expats from all around the world (including those living in other areas of the UK) so please, drop me a line and make my day.

If you leave some details about your old neighbourhood, schools, workplaces, etc., I'll transfer some of your details over to another section of the Bulletin Board called the International Expats' Log Books. There are various Log Books for your country or region (and for Leicestershire and other counties as well. You can also get yourself listed in "School's Out" - yet another section of the Bulletin Board that lists people by their old schools. Because of all these listings, I've received ongoing and very positive feedback that people are indeed making contacts, hearing from old acquaintances, and even hearing from, or contacting, long-lost relatives. So please, take the time to let me know about your successes. I usually like to add such messages to your original guest book entries - so, just to warn you...

Anyroad on, whether you are an expat or a local, if you are interested in making contacts, just leave some details in the Guest Book and get in touch with old mates, friends, school chums, school pals, workmates or old acquaintances. It really doesn't matter where you're from in Leicestershire: Coalville, Melton Mowbray, Loughborough, Market Harborough, Lutterworth, Hinckley, Market Bosworth, Ashby-de-la-Zouch or any one of Leicestershire's (our much under-rated County) many delightful villages and towns. Wherever you're from, you're more than welcome to leave a message in the Guest Book - even if it's just to say what you think of the Leicester & Leicestershire.com Website. If you can't be nice, at least please be constructive. Right, Liz? How's New York, me duck?


Site Review:

~*~ Site Review ~*~

If you are new to this site and want to find your way around, as well as find out what each section is all about, then please click on the link above for a written review and outline of the site (with links).

? Where Are They Now ?

The following shows the number of Leicester & Leicestershire Expats
who have registered in the various International Expats'
Log Books (by country or by region):

Australia (249); USA (256); Canada (176); GB (184); NZ (85);
Europe (85); Africa (27); Middle East (20); Far East & Asia (21);
Scandinavia (7); South America (2); Caribbean (2)

That's 1114 Leicester & Leicestershire expats in total.

The USA and Australia were battling it out for the most expats registered for a country; however, the USA has now pulled ahead. Ontario has the most for a Canadian Province or any other region for that matter (97). Which City has the most Leicester expats registered? Metropolitan Perth, Western Australia with (54) expats. They could start their own club. Which US State has the most expats? California with (34).

  Other Leicester expat 'nests' ? In Australia: Sydney (33), Adelaide (31),
Melbourne (29); In NZ: Auckland Region (38); In Canada: Calgary (17).

If you want to view their details (the expats) or to register yourself,
just click on the Bulletin Board link above (floating
menu) or at the bottom of this page.

My research, using the schools' site Friends Reunited (URL below), shows that most Leicester and Leicestershire expats are actually scattered across Europe and not in the USA or Australia as indicated above. I guess they must get 'ome more often and don't feel the same need to register in a site like this one. I don't really blame them tho'. Wish I was a bit closer myself.

? What's New ?
Important Announcement:

I have removed all expats' E-mails from this site and am now keeping them on file off line. In this way I can at least protect the newcomers from spam as there are several lurking spammers (vultures) from African nations checking this site, on a regular basis, for new victims. And yet still they try to get ME to pass on their stupid scams to the guest book clientele (none too bright, some of 'em).

New Book from Sue Townsend:

~ Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction ~

I have read this hilarious Adie Mole book over my Christmas Hols, and I had a right old chuckle. It's laugh-out-loud, shake-the-bed-and-annoy-your-spouse funny. There's also more about Leicester and Leicestershire in this Adrian Mole tome than in any of the others in the series. Did I ever mention that I was at school with Sue Townsend? Why don't you call, Sue? We could talk about growing up in Glen Hills and my ideas for your next book - wherein Pandora becomes Prime Minister and Adie is her feckless consort.

Some Interesting New Links:

The newest entries in this section are immediately below. There are now over 1,560 messages in the guest book. If you make a significant contact, please don't forget to share your successes, and I'll add them to your original guest book entry; it's an encouragement to me and other expats. Some of the following bits an' pieces are reasonably new:

~ British Movie Reviews ~

New (October 2004): A review, specially designed for the expat, of the more obscure as well as some of the newer British films and movies. If you are lucky enough to have a specialist video store in your city, similar to the most excellent Casablanca in Calgary, Alberta, then you should have no trouble finding any of the recommended British movies. Some are older; most are not. All of them however I have seen myself, and, for the most part, I have thoroughly enjoyed them as well. There are some real treasures out there, and discovering them is half the fun. Don't forget to try eBay an' all - I picked up a movie about Leicester ("The Last Yellow") on eBay. It was in the PAL format but it played OK on my 'puter.

~ Nostalgia Central ~

"Living in the past and loving it." The word 'Nostalgia' comes from two ancient Greek words: nostos (homecoming) and algos (pain) and is a term suggesting a longing for a lost era. It springs from the heart rather than the mind, and confines itself to living memory. Once there was a time to set aside childish things, to shut them away in the box of memory and get on with life's journey. But our childish things are no longer easily set aside. The Swinging Sixties, via the Mirror-balled Seventies, to the Day-Glo Eighties (What no Fifties?)

~ A Brief History of Leicester ~

Want a potted history of the old town? All the highlights? Something easy to read? Then go to this article by Tim Lambert.

~ Wanted ~

Any expats who can remember the civilian side of WWII? Maisie Walker (ex-evacuee to Leicester) is planning, as her next project, to get stories from the "Home Front" side of that war. She wants stories about coupons, rationing, air-raids and propaganda posters such as "Walls Have Ears," "The Squander Bug," "Digging For Victory," etc., in fact, anything at all that can be remembered about the war. You can visit Maisie's site (link above) to get in contact with her.

~ Leicestershire Slang ~

Ayup me duck. Run by expat Phil Orrill in St. Augustine, Florida, this web page is for those of you who have not lived in the County and may not understand the local slang, dialect or vernacular - and for some of us who have, and still don't understand it... At this site there's an explanation of what is being said (just click on the title above). Phil says I can borrow his Porsche if ever I'm in Florida (he and I were born on the same day - Nov 16, 19??).

~ Leicestershire Wartime Memoirs ~

Brought to you courtesy of the excellent website "Wartime Leicestershire." This page of the site is a collection of stories by present-day seniors who remember (often nostalgically) - as children or as young adults - those wartime days.

~ Friends Reunited ~

I highly recommend this site as an additional source of contacts from your old school in Leicester or Leicestershire. You'll have to register, get a password and login name, but Friends Reunited is a simple to use website that allows you to find out what your old school and college friends are doing now. There are over 270 schools listed for Leicester and over 600 schools listed for Leicestershire (although some are duplicates). The list of ex-pupils for our area is growing every month (there are literally tens of thousands of them). I have been a member from near the start and I was responsible for originally listing my own three schools: Glen Hills Primary, South Wigston Secondary Modern and Guthlaxton Grammar.

~ Leicester Chronicler ~*~ Leicestershire Past & Present ~
~ The East Midlands Oral History Archive ~

Leicester Chronicler, Leicestershire Past & Present and The East Midland Oral History Archive are the premier sites for history in, and historical info about, Leicester & Leicestershire. The first website is run by Stephen Butt in Leicester and the second by Elizabeth Batt in Montana, USA. The 3rd site above presents a study of the East Midlands through an archive of oral history documents.

~ Well Google it! ~

This site came up 8th for the search term "Leicestershire" and 12th for the search term "Leicester" in September (last checked on the 13th) of 2004. My highest ever rating on this the number one search engine in the World. Update: In October 2004 even better results - this site was 7th and 11th respectively. Not doing so well at the end of the year for "Leicester" - don't ask!

Some Interesting Sections in this Website:

Not a full site review, but just highlights of some of the varied sections of this site.

~ Short Stories ~

Short stories by Leicester author (and Tokyo resident) Clive Collins: "Telling Stories" - young Stevie's early years. There are now five Leicester- related short stories in this section. Some of them are a bit - yuh know - raw, so please be warned. Great reading though nonetheless. I really enjoyed "The Sea, The Beautiful Sea." A story full of nostalgia about a holiday trip to the east coast (Mablethorpe I think), a dreadful Bed & Breakfast establishment, and the equally-dreaded B & B landlady.

~ Memory Lane ~

Seven relatively new entries: "Life on the Leicester Line" by Anthony Gregory, "Childhood Memories of Leicester" by Hollie Davis now living in Carmel, California. Hollie grew up on Granby Street, where her parents owned the Rex Restaurant. She emigrated to California in the early 60s where she worked in the film industry in Hollywood and later became a writer; "Tales  of an Engine Driver," another nostalgic story by Wally Sansome of Victoria BC; "My Life in the Glen Hills' Prefabs" by Dennis Akers, now living in Auckland, New Zealand.  Maisie in Shepshed. Her story, "Memories of an Evacuee,"  The latest entries (and both remarkably similar) are from George Smith on Jersey in the Channel Islands, "My Childhood Days in Leicester" and by Dennis Neal, Dorset, UK, "Childhood Memories of the 1930s."

I would really like to encourage anyone of you out there to write a short story of your own about your memories of growing up in Leicester or Leicestershire. Now don't worry about grammar an' spelling an' punctuation an' all. I'll see to that kinda stuff and fix it up real proper like.

~ Books ~ Books ~ Books ~

Please consider supporting the Leicester and Leicestershire Website, and helping with my considerable expenses, by visiting "The Market Place." (link just above). There are well over 150 books, novels, plays, articles, stories and other publications by Leicester and Leicestershire authors listed. The books include subjects dealing with comedy, romance, mystery, murder, crime investigations, local history, local involvement in WWII, nostalgia, music, travel, railways, the wild west, the orient, plays, child abuse, autobiography, and much much more. All titles are available through Amazon.co.uk

The latest section added to the Market Place is "Miscellaneous Novels by Leicester Writers' Club Authors: Audrey Willsher, Chris d'Lacey, Jean Chapman and Rod Duncan." Highly recommended: "Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction" by Sue Townsend.

~ 1979 David Weston Paintings of Old Leicester ~

On a recent trip (September 2003) I obtained four more David Weston prints from Maynard & Bradley, Bookshop and Gallery, in the Royal Arcade in Leicester. You can view them by visiting "About the Artist" (just click above). There are also new examples of David's railway art on that page as well.

~ Leicestershire & The 82nd Airborne Division ~

Highlights from the book "Put On Your Boots and Parachutes" by Leicester author and Oadby resident Deryk Wills. Did you know, that Prior to D-Day, elements of this famous division were stationed in and around the Leicester area?  For example: Braunstone Park was the site of the Division Headquarters Camp; the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment was stationed on Beeby Road in Scraptoft; the 309th Glider Artillery Regiment were billeted at Papillon Hall, Lubbenham, near Market Harborough; the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment was stationed on Shady Lane, Evington; the toughest bunch of them all, the battle-hardened 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, was stationed on Wood Lane in Quorn. This is a  great look at wartime life in Leicestershire from the Yank's perspective.

~ Nauti Words and Phrases in Everyday Language ~

Sorry, that should be "Nautical Words and Phrases..." Hardly Leicester-related (yuh can't get much further from the sea in the UK than Leicester) but still a pretty fascinating look at how we now use these old nautical terms in our daily lives. Words and phrases like aloof, bitter end, cock-up, devil to pay, fly by night, half slewed, know the ropes, letting the cat out of the bag, overhaul, pooped, scuttlebutt, swinging the lead, to turn a blind eye to, under the weather and won't wear it. These are just a selection of what can be found in this section of the Leicester and Leicestershire Website. Well over 500 entries and one of the best nautical lexicons on the Internet (if I do say so myself - and I do).

~ School's Out ~

Mundella Boys & Mundella Girls (as one school) has been added to the "School's Out" school's listings.

~ Who's Who Revisited ~

Who's who in Leicester and who's who in Leicestershire? My Who's Who section now contains over 630 entries. I am very proud of this section as it represents hundreds of hours of work and research. There is nothing quite like it anywhere in Leicestershire or anywhere on the Net for that matter. Please visit and discover the many and varied people of interest from our area: Famous names, famous people, notable people, the world-famous, historical figures  and the merely interesting are all represented. As well as people from the world of art, literature, music and sports.

~ Stefanie Rose ~

Stefanie Rose Airey October 2004 - Quote: "I think your daughter is gifted" Paul Schwartz, New York. Paul is the composer of the music for the Aria CDs and is the son of the legendary film composer, Arthur Schwarz.

What can I say? She's my daughter; only 17 years old (going on 28), and a musical talent to be reckoned with. If you visit her page, you can listen to 19 songs from her demo CD. Stefanie was interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester and on BBC Radio West Midlands September 2003. Radio Leicester (host Martin Ballard) played 3 of her songs during a half-hour interview (with me there an' all) and Radio West Midlands (15-minute interview with Tony Wadsworth) played one song. Stefanie has also been interviewed by 3 Calgary TV stations. She will be one of many Canadian artists on a CD of wartime music to be released this coming May (2005) for V.E. Day. Quote: "I think your daughter is gifted" Paul Schwartz, New York. Paul is the composer of the music for the Aria CDs and is the son of the legendary film composer, Arthur Schwarz.

~ Me Mum ~

Did you know that me Mum was Britain's very first "Glamorous Grandmother"? Stella Airey entered a competition - just for fun - at Butlin's in 'Skeggy.' She beat the competition easily in this preliminary round and then went on to beat all the other grannies in the finals at the Butlin's Hotel near Brighton (possibly the Ocean Hotel in Saltdene). The year was 1955. How this competition came about and for pictures and more information, click on the link above.

~*~ My Rant ~*~

Your webmaster takes on such topics as Turkey Dripping, Custom's Officials, Soccer Mums, Liberals, National Accents, The remake of "Sink the Bismarck," Nelson's Navy, The Culture of Litigation, The Politically Correct, September 11th, 2001, Yasar Arafat, Svend Robinson, George Bush and Me and links to Anti-Bush Blogs.

~ Visiting Calgary? ~

If you are, please get in touch with me. I have already met up with nine expats during just last year (2001). They all contacted me through (or because of) the Leicester Overseas website. None in 2002 mind you. I guess that speaks volumes about my company. Ah, but now one in 2003: An ex-pat, ex-cop (Calgary) living locally and in November, Brian Riley from Edmonton joined me at an Irish Pub here in Calgary.

~ Welcome to visitors from Leicester, Massachusetts, USA ~

For Leicesterites (UK version) click on the link above to visit the 'other' Leicester, the Town of Leicester in Massachusetts, New England. And it ain't the only Leicester in the USA neither, see my Links Page for details on three more I've found.

~*~ TopSites Leicestershire ~*~

Please support this site by voting for it at TopSites Leicestershire. This will also link you nearly 50 other Leicester & Leicestershire web sites. But y'all come back yuh hear (yuhcominbackorwot?).

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86,300 visits (to the end of 2004).

Any road up, when you're next feeling a bit nostalgic or home sick, make a
'cuppa', pull up a chair, sit yuhself down, and see what (or who) you
can find. If you approve, please pass the word, make a link
(I'll reciprocate) or just bookmark this home page.


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It's so very gratifying and encouraging to see the Guest Book filling up so well with all those expats' details and messages (nearly 1500 now). Ah, so many 'Woolybacks' ("for all like sheep have gone astray") spreading their little Leicestershire DNA throughout the shallow-gene-pool areas of the world. Far flung areas such as Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Tunisia, Mississippi, Wales, Peatling Magna are but a few of the more diverse areas that are having their genetics enhanced by Lesterites. Soon the whole world will be proclaiming "Ayup me duck."

Sometimes expats visiting the Leicester and Leicestershire Website Bulletin Board and leaving messages in the guest book don't leave e-mail addresses - dreadfully hard to contact you without one me duck. Or sometimes they leave e-mails that are incorrect (that always helps). Please check your guest book message and your entry in School's Out or any of the various International Expats' Log Books.

Don't make me use a bigger font - don't make me come over there.


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